Social Skills Lesson Plans

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Map to Unit Lesson Plans

Unit Learning Objectives

What Are Necessary Social Skills?

The WHY of Social Skills

On Teaching Social Skills

5 Social Skills Activities

The Great Egg Drop

Group Survival Scenario

Rock or Feather Survival - Plane Crash

What is Effective Communication?

Effective Communication Strategies

Magnificent 7 Communication Games

Body Language

Giving and Receiving Constructive Criticism

Problem Solving

Team Problem Solving, "The Gift"

Conflict Resolution

What are Friends?

Simulation - Island Survival

Effective Listening Points and Listening Checklist

GAME Buddy Communication

Games that Build Listening Skills

Effective Speaking and Listening Applications

Role Play - Effective Communication

Participating with Others

Speaking and Listening Activity

ACT Communication Skills Nonverbal Game

ACT Nonverbal Game Pictures

Be Nice - Making CC Happen

Hamburger Method of Constructive Criticism

Interview Quest for Intro Speech

Birthday Gift for a Friend

Problem Solving 'I Feel Sick'

Rock or Feather?

Creative Team Problem Solving

Mixed Messages From the Media

What is my Conflict Style?

ACT The Friendship Game

Essay on Friendship

Challenge Cards

Island Survival Simulation

Building Active Listening Skills

Rubrics for Roleplay Activities

ACT Social Skills Emotions

Nonverbal Cues Suggestions

Experiential Education Activities

Problem Solving Games

Websites and Resources

Teaching Social Skills

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